Yeah, movies kind of suck.


Not all movies suck you know, Horror movies and science fiction movies are the best.


"Got it. Werewolves on full moons, vampires at night. Are you studying mythology or something?" He lifted an amused eyebrow. "Oh, I’m Todd by the way."


"Nope I’m not studying mythology, I’m just a lover of all things weird and spooky." Lily smiled, "It’s nice to meet you Todd, and I hope my advice helps keep you safe on dark stormy full moon nights."


"That would be lovely, thank you."


"Right this way then!" Lily smiled motioning for the girl to follow her.  "First stop! Dorm row!"


I’m really not okay with you being that bloody close to me. So how’s about you back off a few steps and my hands won’t accidentally try to choke you out?


SORRY! I didn’t mean too


"Oh good!" She smiled, then watched Hesten as he nuzzled into Lily, searching for more sugar cubes. "Hesten, quit. I’m sorry. He thinks you still have sugar cubes to give him."


"He probably smells Scrump! I accidentally dropped her  into a sugar bag!" Lily explained pulling out her homemade green doll.

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I haven’t really been out to a big city either, ‘til now. Do you like it here?


It’s a lot more noisier then I expected, you know movies don’t truly capture that aspect of city life.


Oh, that’s so cool! I’ve always kinda wanted to go somewhere like Hawaii. One of those faraway places you hear about. [shrugs, smiling shyly] You dance? A specific kind or just any type?


You should definitely come to Kauai, a lot of shows and movies are shot there. [Smiling brightly at the mention of dance] My favorite is Hula but i’m studying them all.

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So this is Walt Disney University


"Great! That gives me good news that I will enjoy it here, too. This is the first university that I have been to. What is so different about it, besides it has a theme park just down the street?"


"The people and teachers from what i’ve seen are extremely unorthodox! It’s kind of amazing! Have you ever been to Disney before?" 


Mika was sadly one of those people. She wasn’t listening and got bumped into and her slushie well all over the person next to her. “Oh no. Not again!”

"EEP!" Lily yelped at the sudden influx of cold fluids on her.  She rubbed her face and made a spatting sound.  "Is that Cherry?" She questioned.