Oh. So she’s pretty much your aunt, where it counts. [nods, accepting this] I’ve only ever had my dad. Having a big family like that sounds great. Ohana… that means family, I’m guessing? 


No, no, it’s fine! I like talkative. [grins, waving her apology away] Um, well, I grew up in Salem which is why I love horror movies and Halloween I guess. My dad’s a scientist, so he was always working and he taught me chemistry before I learned it in high school which kinda gave me a head start. Not much else, really.

You love horror movies too?! We need to have a movie night together! [Lily stated as a matter of fact] And you’ve lived in Salem your whole life that is so fricken cool.   

Oh that’s so cool, I’m sure your dad’s proud of you!

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Better be. [smile twitches up, raising his own coffee to his lips] Oh. Something to watch? Like what?


Hmmmm, how about an action movie? 

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"Huh. Those are… pretty different areas, aren’t they?" He frowned, shrugging in acceptance. "Really? I couldn’t tell." He grinned teasingly at her, eyes bright with mischief. 


"Thanks. I think." He chuckled, amused. "If I do, then you know what happpened at least. You could avenge me."

"I guess they are but I’ve been in dance class since I was little and always had a knack for photography, and I guess the big guys at this school noticed cause they offered me a full ride for dancing." Lily explained happily. When he teased her she blushed a little bit.  

"Oh yes, I could be like supernatural avenger."

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rememberingwalt’s get to know me(me) - 2/7 friendships

Lilo and Stitch  - Lilo and Stitch (2002)

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get to know me meme: (4/5) favorite disney movies» Lilo and Stitch

Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

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[smiles hesitantly after a second] Alright. Maybe I will. We’ll see, I guess. Um, do you live with your aunt then? You talk about her a lot, but I don’t want to assume. 


Oh. You really like dancing, huh? [laughs, nodding her head] At least you’re doing what you love. That’s always good. Know what you want to do with it yet?

She actually lives with us, I was technically under my sister’s care most of my childhood.  My aunt isn’t even really my aunt.  She’s my friends mother but we all live together and she’s part of my Ohana and Ohana doesn’t always mean blood.  It means family.

Sorry, sugar makes me talkative.  You should tell me abit about yourself!

So this is Walt Disney University


"They all have to be unique. If we all did the things the same way all the time, it would get boring." He chuckled, then shook his head, "I have not. Is it weird that I haven’t?"


"True and no one likes when things get boring." Lily nodded in agreement. "I’ve actually never been either, this is my first time on the main land."


"Huh. Then what are you studying?" He asked, tilting his head to the side in surprise. "And I’ll be sure to stay inside on those nights." He assured her, his lips curving up with amusement.


"I’m a Dance major with photography as my minor." Lily explained, "I just grew up with a love for horror movies and dark tales." Lily considered mythology but the dance scholarship was too good to pass up.  "Good, you seem like a nice guy and I’d hate for you to just vanish one day."


[snorts, placing a steaming cup in front of her] I’m sure you could’ve. Unfortunately, this isn’t Starbucks so coffee is all we serve. [smirks]


[Lily snapped her fingers playfully] Oh darn, luckily for me coffee is just fine  [She brought the cup to her lips and took a sip] Yummm…. You know what goes good with Coffee, something to watch.